Age: 24


Birthday: january 3th


Height: 186 cm


Weight: 93 kg


Nationality: Argentine


Profession: Baker


Favorite food: Butternut squash


Hated food: None




He's very sensitive, friendly and with his feet on the ground. He really enjoys doing physical exercise and working, always giving the best of himself. He's extremely self-demanding and will never be satisfied until he achieves his goal in the most proper way possible. He tends to suffer from attacks of depression or anguish, and usually needs help from a friend to overcome the situation. Additionally, he tries to keep his emotional balance by exercise routines and quiet strolls. He isn't so talkative, but not so silent either. He's also very comprehensive, a good confident and partner for several kind of projects. His heart is as fragil as a piece of paper.



Extra info:


   - He loves his job as a baker, but doesn't like                                                                                            sweets.


                                                                                         - He doesn't know his father


                                                                                         - He's very keen on well-built boys, specially                                                                                              if they wear glasses.


                                                                                         - He prefers trans fat-free food

Download VB: 


Original: CVVC 3 Pitch - Normal DL 


Gravis: CVVC 4 Pitch - Normal (but better) DL