"The tender dictator of nothingness"

Ori Owi


Age: ???


Birthday: June 12th


Height: "168 cm"


Weight: "65 kg"


Nationality: ????


Profession: Dictator


Favorite food: Butterflies and Jewels


Hated food: You


Character Info:


Being able to alter its appearance almost completely, the real one is unknown. It's generally seen as a sweet 'satyr' with wolf and sheeps' features.
It's got a pair of spiraled horns on its head, which it's capable of moving through any part of its body, but not transforming physically. It is believed that it had them grafted by any other person/creature.
Despite pretending to have a gentle nature, it's really one of the most sadic, twisted-minded and perverse beings oh Earth. Its speech is composed mainly of riddles and hardly undestandable metaphores.
Based on its wide knowledge on several cultures and historical events, it is supposed that it has lived for at least 1500 years. Just an other one of its kind is known to be existing nowadays, being it asexual and incapable of reproducing.
As for its diet, It has a preference for insects, such as butterflies, precious stones and, depending on its mood, two-legged mamals. However, it seems that it has no impediment in having any material as food.

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